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1068天:成为独立程序员 December 28, 2005

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Gus Mueller 在其 blog 里写了一篇文章:How to become an independent programmer in just 1068 days。他以自己通过开发 Mac 下的 VoodooPad ,并成长为独立程序员的经验,总结出几条 lessons。我引述他的文章,并试着翻译如下:

  • Lesson #1 – Think small and make sure you really like what you are doing. 考虑小的方面,并确定你真的想做。
  • Lesson #2 – Setting goals are good. If you make them that means you are on the right track. 设定目标。如果实现了,意味着你在正确的轨道上。
  • Lesson #3 – Steadily improve your product. Big jumps in functionality means lots of time without updates, and releases are where you get nice spikes in sales. 持续改进你的产品。功能上大的改进意味着长时间缺少更新,而发布给你带来好的销售。
  • Lesson #4 – Don’t quit your day job. 不要放弃你的全职工作。
  • Lesson #5 – Have money in the bank for a rainy day. 为下雨天准备些钱。
  • Lesson #6 – Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. 不要把鸡蛋放在一个篮子里。
  • Lesson #7 – It’s not good enough to write and sell something that people want, it has to be got to be something they’ll spend money for as well. 写出和销售人们喜欢的产品是不够的,它还不得不具有人们愿意掏钱的东西。
  • Emulate who you want to be like, but don’t copy because that’s lame*. I guess that’s lesson #7 1/2 . 模仿你喜欢的,但是不要复制,那是没用的。




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